PTAB Representation

I am one of an exclusive group of attorneys admitted to practice before the PTAB with success in patent litigation and who understand the procedures at play.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is an administrative agency, but its Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) is a hybrid of court litigation and administrative agency proceedings. In these proceedings, whether an issued patent survives review is decided by three judges who are both technically and legally trained.

A member of the patent bar and an established litigator, I am one of an exclusive group of attorneys admitted to practice before the PTAB who have proven successes in patent litigation and who also understand the procedures at play in the USPTO.

I believe that proceedings before the PTAB must be handled as litigation, to ensure that the best arguments are presented in a form that helps to assure victory in the PTAB while also allowing for thorough support if a case needs be appealed to the Federal Circuit.

Representative PTAB and PTO Cases

  • Represented patent holder in inter partes review (IPR) on a patent for inertial navigation system.
  • Representation of patent holder after grant of IPR on a patent for direct audio capture and identification of captured audio.
  • Represented multinational electronics and ceramics manufacturer in a PTAB challenge of a patent for a mobile communicator.
  • Represented provider of supply-chain execution solutions in challenging a patent for a portable communicator.
  • Represented inventor in appealing a rejected application for a patent for an optical network.
  • Represented patent holder international automotive company in IPR directed to a tire-pressure monitoring patent.